Timber Curtain Wall

Instantly elevate designs with the innovative Timber Curtain Wall. Combining the richness and warmth of wood paneling with the modern appeal of aluminum cladding, the Timber Curtain Wall will enhance the structure and performance of every project, from high-end residential to boutique retail and hospitality builds.

Masterfully crafted with customization in mind, the Timber Curtain Wall is an alternative to standard aluminum storefront/ curtain wall systems that is available in nearly unlimited configurations and multiple aluminum and wood cap options.

Timber Curtain Wall

Our classic Timber Curtain Wall system is ideal for large-scale builds. Various installation options allow for curtain walls to span multiple stories and incorporate into any building system. The Timber Curtain Wall System is a turn key, tested solution: all systems can be sold with third-party engineering and installation to ensure proper performance.

Timber Curtain Wall Lite

A “lighter” version of our Timber Curtain Wall system, perfect for single-story residential and light commercial applications. Based on the overall size of the opening and depending on structural limitations, the system can either be shipped pre-assembled for ease of installation, multiple pre-glazed systems can be mulled together, or multiple systems can be field-glazed to preserve common sight-lines.