Lift & Slide

The Lift & Slide W6400 creates moving walls of wood-framed glass panels that stack or disappear into a pocket for seamless indoor/outdoor living. Minimal sightlines allow for unobstructed panoramic views to stylishly open up spaces without hassle. Whether a space features traditional or contemporary design elements, the system can be customized with specialized glazes, glass and wood panels to integrate beautifully into rooms.

With an array of track options, this door system can be tailored to meet a variety of needs. Choose from Standard Stainless Steel Flush Track, Raised Wood Track or Low Stainless Steel Flush Track.

HFX Multi-Slide

In the unique Hawaiian market, people desire wide-open expanses, with little or no barrier between their interior and exterior living spaces. For this environment, Reveal Windows & Doors has developed the Hawaiian Effects (HFX) Multi-Slide door. Our all-wood HFX doors use flush-profile locks and edge pulls, which allow the panels to stack and glide quietly along their tracks and disappear completely into the jamb pocket. These products are not suitable for environments where weather-resistance is a factor, but in the tropical locale of Hawaii, the climate is so ideal that window and door products remain open most of the time.

Many of these custom homes incorporate doors in a 90 degree corner application, with 20-30 ft. of pocketing doors on either side. This type of architecture is unique to Hawaii and gives the homeowner the full benefits of living in the tropics, where the emphasis is on natural materials and the “pavilion” lifestyle that is found throughout the South Pacific.