Direct Set Window (Wood Aluminum)

The Direct Set WA4400 window (wood with exterior aluminum cladding) is the foundation of our window line – at once elegant and distinctive, with narrow sight-lines and a multitude of options to allow you to design your own perfect “picture window”. Direct set windows consist of a jamb only, and their glass is glazed directly into the frame to maximize the light and view. The exterior aluminum cladding is finished with a custom color-matched Kynar® paint, for long-lasting beauty and minimal exterior maintenance.

Configure your direct set window with numerous glazing options, grid patterns, and a variety of shapes and sizes. Every window we sell is crafted with the signature Reveal Windows & Doors quality that adds value and long-lasting beauty to any environment. It can also be mulled to a variety of other Reveal products for consistency of sightlines and design.

Contact Reveal Windows & Doors for additional options and customization.

M-Series Fixed (Wood Aluminum)

The M-Series Fixed Window WA7000 (wood with exterior aluminum cladding) maintains the same sight lines as the rest of our operable M-Series window line, for consistency in layout and design.

The solid wood M-Series Fixed Window WA7000 is protected on the exterior with extruded aluminum cladding to minimize window maintenance, and has several finish option including custom color-matched Kynar® (suitable for harsh coastal environments) and clear- or bronze-anodized. For light-control applications, a concealed roll screen option with opaque mesh is also available. The screen retracts into the top of the window when not in use to maximize your unobstructed view.

Tilt-Turn Fixed

We are proud to add the flexible and stylish Tilt-Turn Fixed WA8400 (wood with exterior aluminum cladding) to our product line. Popularized in Europe, the Tilt-Turn WA8400 opens to the interior like a casement window when the handle is rotated 90 degrees, or tilts in slightly when the handle is rotated 180 degrees. The tilt position allows for gentle circulation during inclement weather, while the swing position allows for convenient cleaning and maximum airflow. Multiple lock points provide added stability and security, and the durable hardware allows for oversized applications. Our Tilt-Turn WA8400 can be customized with screens, glazing options, and various hardware finishes.