Slimline Doors

Achieve a sleek, contemporary look with the Slimline Outswing Door WA8400. Combining the clean lines of all-aluminum steel doors with the richness and durability of wood, this door minimizes sightlines for a modern feel.

This contemporary stile-and-rail door is clad on the exterior with durable, heavy-gauge extruded aluminum and finished with a custom color-matched Kynar paint, for reduced maintenance and maximum protection against fading and corrosion. Pre-hung on brass hinges, available in either Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel finish, these doors easily install in spaces.

Choose between a range of wood species, including exotic woods, and glazing options to perfectly tailor the door to interior design. The Slimline Door is available in both single and double door configurations. Both Standard and European inswing operations are available.

Doors are pre-hung on brass hinges, in either Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel finish.

Due to the narrow stiles, handle and escutcheon options are limited. Contact Reveal Windows & Doors for more details.

Slide & Seal™

Introducing the next step in the evolution of the sliding door: the patent-pending Slide & Seal™ system, only from Reveal Windows & Doors. The innovative hardware at the heart of the Slide & Seal™ automatically seals your door when you close it. When the panels reach the closed position, an independently-operating door bottom automatically drops and seals each panel with the surface of the floor, while a mechanism in the head track tilts the panels slightly outward, creating a weather-resistant enclosure around the perimeter.


The Slide & Seal™ improves upon Lift & Slide hardware in nearly every way:

  • No more bulky and expensive handles needed to operate each panel
  • No need to remove and store handles when you want to stack flush into a pocket
  • Adjustable hardware that allows for fine-tuning in the field and self-corrects for variations in the floor surface
  • Optional fully-automated panels that seal.

Crafted out of solid stainless steel and available in a variety of finishes, the proprietary H7100 handle remains recessed in the face of the panel until you press a tab at the bottom.  The counter-weighted handle then pivots and drops into the open position, allowing you to operate the panels comfortably.  And because each panel seals automatically, only one handle per lead panel is required for the entire system.