Z-Series Casement

Pacific Architectural Millwork is proud to introduce the Zero Window, the only operable window on the market with zero interior wood sightlines. Available in either all wood or wood with exterior aluminum cladding, the Zero Window offers an exciting new option for contemporary architects, designers and homeowners.

Until now, the only choice for an operable window was a sash within a frame, which reduces glass and visible light. Wood windows typically obscure even more of the opening, because their stiles and rails (vertical and horizontal sash members) are generally wider than those found on metal windows.

On the Zero Window, the handle operates the concealed multipoint lock from the top down, rather than from the face of the bottom rail. This position allows the sash to sit behind the frame, rather than within it. The interior finished wall surface can then completely conceal the sash and frame assembly, giving the appearance of a direct-set or “picture window” from the interior and maximizing the visible opening. The clever pop-up handle design keeps it out of view until the window is opened to bring fresh air and ventilation into the home.

The Zero Window is available in casement, awning and fixed configurations, with custom sizes and nearly any wood species. The wood can be painted to match the interior surfaces, or stained for a subtle contrast of color and materials that is apparent only at an angle or when the window is opened.


Product Parameters

Min Frame Height
Max Frame Height
Min Frame Width
Max Frame Width
Stile/Rail Width
Min Jamb Depth
Sash Thickness
Edge Detail
3-3/4" (from back of nailing fin) 6-1/4" (with optional roll screen)
Exterior: Contemporary / Interior: Contemporary only

Hardware Options

Bronze Pop-Up Handle (Closed)
pop-up handle2
Satin Nickel (standard)

Brushed Chrome

Polished Chrome

Bright Brass


Bronze Pop-Up Handle (Open)
pop-up handle

Wood Options

Additional wood species and FSC®-certified timber are available. Contact Us for more information

Glazing Options

Standard glazing for the Z-Series Casement WA9600 is 1 1/8” overall insulated glass.

Custom glazing and tinted glass are available.

Other Options

The Z-Series Casement WA9600 can be purchased with additional options such as concealed roll screens, jamb extensions, egress hinges and/or divided lites. It can also be mulled to a variety of other PAM products for consistency of sightlines and design.

Contact Pacific Architectural Millwork for additional options and customization.