M-Series Narrow Awning

The M-Series Narrow Awning W6400 (all-wood) offers modern functionality on a classic window while maintaining Reveal Windows & Doors’ commitment to superior quality with optimal performance. The durable stainless steel friction hinges remove the need for traditional rotary hardware, allowing the M-Series Narrow Awning to swing out from the bottom with a smooth push-out motion. Our M-Series Awning is available with different glazing options for unique looks and maximum acoustical and insulating performance.


Product Parameters

Min Frame Height:
Max Frame Height:
Min Frame Width:
Max Frame Width:
Stile Width:
Min Jamb Depth:
Sash Thickness:
Edge Detail:
90-11/16” (Dependant on Height/Width and Glass Size)
98-1/4” ( Dependant on number of panels)
3-5/8”(behind nail fin no screen)
Exterior: Contemporary
Interior: Traditional or Contemporary
*Interior/Exterior: Traditional or Contemporary edge detail

Hardware Options

  London Handle
   Verona Handle
  • Silver
  • Grey Brown
  • Traffic White


  • Polished Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Polished Chrome
  • Oil-Rubbed Brass
  • Pure White
  • Matte Black
  • Satin Nickel
  • Antique Nickel



Wood Options

Additional wood species and FSC®-certified timber are available. Contact Us for more information

Glazing Options

Standard glazing for the M-Series Awning W6400 is 1” overall insulated glass.

Custom glazing and tinted glass are available.