M-Series Fixed (Wood Aluminum)

The M-Series Fixed Window WA7000 (wood with exterior aluminum cladding) maintains the same sight lines as the rest of our operable M-Series window line, for consistency in layout and design.

The solid wood M-Series Fixed Window WA7000 is protected on the exterior with extruded aluminum cladding to minimize window maintenance, and has several finish option including custom color-matched Kynar® (suitable for harsh coastal environments) and clear- or bronze-anodized. For light-control applications, a concealed roll screen option with opaque mesh is also available. The screen retracts into the top of the window when not in use to maximize your unobstructed view.


Product Parameters

Min Frame Height:
Max Frame Height:
Min Frame Width:
Max Frame Width:
Stile Width:
Min Jamb Depth:
Sash Thickness:
Edge Detail:
144" (Dependant on Height/Width and Glass Size)
144" (Dependant on Height/Width and Glass Size)
4" (behind nail fin)
Exterior: Contemporary
Interior: Traditional or Contemporary
Adding Contemporary or Traditional grids to the window will require Contemporary edge detail

Wood Options

Additional wood species and FSC®-certified timber are available. Contact Us for more information

Glazing Options

Standard glazing for the M-Series Fixed Window WA7000 is 1-1/8” overall insulated glass.

Custom glazing and tinted glass are available.

Other Options

The M-Series Fixed Window WA7000 can be purchased with additional options such as concealed roll screens, jamb extensions, and divided lites. It can also be mulled to a variety of other Reveal products for consistency of sightlines and design.

Contact Reveal Windows & Doors for additional options and customization.