Lift & Slide

The Lift & Slide AW6700 creates moving walls of wood-framed glass panels that stack or disappear into a pocket for seamless indoor/outdoor living. Minimal sightlines allow for unobstructed panoramic views to stylishly open up spaces without hassle. Whether a space features traditional or contemporary design elements, the system can be customized with specialized glazes, glass and wood panels to integrate beautifully into rooms.

With an array of track options, this door system can be tailored to meet a variety of needs. Choose from Standard Stainless Steel Flush Track, Raised Wood Track or Low Stainless Steel Flush Track.


Product Parameters

Max Frame Height:
Max Panel Height:
Min Panel Width:
Max Panel Width:
Max Glass Size:
Max Opening:
Muntin Width:
Panel Thickness:
Screen Thickness:
Screen Stile/Rail Width:
Stile/Rail Width:
Bottom Rail Width:
Exterior Aluminum Finish:
Edge Detail:
108” (Depending on height/weight ratio)
60 sq ft (Depending on height/weight ratio)
30’ (Larger openings available upon review)
1-1/4" Standard (SDL)
Aluminum - 1-3/4" (w/Kynar® finish)
Wood - 1-3/4" (Panel Height<96")
Wood - 2-1/4" (Panel Height>96")
3-1/8" (aluminum screen)
Anodized or Custom Color-Matched Kynar® colors available
Exterior Aluminum: See drawing details
Interior Wood: Traditional or Contemporary edge detail

Hardware Options

The Lift & Slide door comes with hardware in your choice of finishes:

  • Anodized White
  • Anodized Dark Bronze
  • Anodized Silver
  • Satin Nickel
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze (living finish)
  • Polished Brass
  • Painted Dark Bronze

Wood Options

Additional wood species and FSC®-certified timber are available. Contact Us for more information

Glazing Options

Standard glazing for the Lift & Slide AW64700 uses 1” overall tempered insulated glass. Custom glazing, tinted glass, wood flat panels and wood raised panels are also available.

We offer two different edge details:

  • • Contemporary
  • • Traditional

Other Options

The Lift-and-Slide AW6700 can be purchased with custom options and several different track options, including:

  • • Standard Stainless Steel Flush Track (Not recommended for wood floors)
  • • Raised Wood Track
  • • Low Stainless Steel Flush Track (required only for special floor conditions)

NOTE: Flush tracks are not warranted against air, water or dust infiltration.

Contact Reveal Windows & Doors for additional options and customization.